Changing lives. Well, Maybe. Enhancing? Embracing? Whatever Works!


Like, beef hearts. To grill and eat.

In looking into Primal/Paleo ways of eating, the concept of “offal” has come up a few times. I don’t enjoy liver the few times I’ve had it, but there has been a suggestion to cut it with ground beef, which I will try next time I make beef curry.

I also had heard that heart, since it is a muscle, is an easier thing to work with and may taste better. So, I sought out half a heart from a grass fed cow. Expensive compared to the steaks at the local crappy grocery store, but somewhat inexpensive compared to actual cuts of meat. The lovely butcher at The Meat Hook took the time to clean and prepare the heart, and then threw in the trimmings free! (those are destined for the stock pot.)

In hindsight, it might have been a better choice to mix the heart with other things, but I dove in, cut a small thin piece fromit, and simply grilled it with a little salt. About halfway through working with it, the whole “I am about to eat the heart of a formerly living creature” set in. This doesn’t happen with other cuts of meat. One bite, and I knew it was tender, and would probably taste good if I did not know what it was.

On the other hand, My partner really enjoyed it, and thought it was tender and tasty. He proceeded to grill the remainder of it, and ate it like a fine steak.

I think next time, I will try it slow braised, and/or in chili. So, it wasn’t disgusting enough to never have again. :)

Hi Everybody!

Um, hi. I know it’s been a while, but when I want to talk about healthy eating, this is the best place to do so.

I’ve been thinking about food and ways of eating. My partner has been on the slow carb diet (a la Tim Ferriss) for about six months, and has lost about 40 pounds. I tried the diet, and found it so restrictive that 1)I couldn’t stick with it, and 2)the restrictive nature triggered some of my binge eating habits.

But, he is fine with repetitive foods, which makes meal planning for him fairly easy, a crock pot meal on Sunday feeds him for lunch all week. (Recipes coming soon!) Giving up sodas meant my appetite decreased, so our food budget is a little looser.

BTW, I gave up caffeine and sodas on Monday. Wednesday, attempted decaf espresso, instant headache. Same with decaf coffee on Friday, and caffeinated diet soda Saturday. Boo! Next weeks goal is no artificial sweeteners, which probably means water and sweet tea (similar to last year’s experiment.).

I joined a local food cooperative, which has a biweekly buying club. Joining a CSA (community sponsored agriculture, you buy a share in advance for the whole season and get vegetables every week or two weeks) was a bit too much to swing, but I am hoping the biweekly vegetables and pastured eggs will do well. Next, setting up a budget to get a freezer and a share of grass fed beef :)

Updates-LHAS ending

“Weight Loss” and activity are interesting propositions.

Whenever I am in Manhattan, I can walk a few miles and be fine. There is a lot of interesting stuff to see, and it is really fun.

Walking in my area? Not so fun.

Thus, I found that not having the unlimited metrocard, along with not having a lot of money for travel, that I spent a lot of time in my area. Which means: less exercise, less fresh fruits and vegetables.

Its also an issue that “weight loss” requires such minute attention to detail, that it seems any small deviation means no weight loss. Whereas, maintaining my weight is nothing harder than making sure I am making better choices and not binging.

I do think that the LHAS challenge did make me realize exactly how much I was moving when I was in the city. Having to keep track of it made a difference.

Activity Update- LHAS

The more time I spend in neighborhoods, the more walking I do. Spending two hours walking around Manhattan is a lot of fun, but somehow walking to the subway, which is two blocks from my apartment, is not fun. Still, I do take time to take extra steps while in the city. Two days this week of two hours each of walking is 240 minutes.

Having little money, and a very hot kitchen, means that I do not eat that much. Which is great, because my cravings are going towards the direction of bacon and chocolate.

(I apologize for missing last week.)


The Long Hot Active Summer Challenge.

No one told me it would be 100 degrees!

Blah blah blah.

I was pretty lazy this week, and didnt do much of anything. I plan on shopping tomorrow, which means lots of walking. I also plan on Walking on my Birthday, which is Friday (July 9), and I get to explore a new area of town. (The Robicelli’s have a new place for their cupcakes, and it sounds like a fun time, and a neat area to wonder.) So, my birthday has walking and cupcakes. And probably drinking.


Currently, it is 102 in Central Park.

It is 95 degrees in the living room of my apartment. (I live in a Railroad style apartment, with a bedroom on either side of the apartment, and the living room/kitchen in the middle, and the middle has no air flow or windows)

It is 83 in my bedroom with a tiny window AC.

My typical form of exercise is walking, but, really, I am not motivated to leave the apartment today, even with the bribe of sweet tea and thai food. (However, tomorrow’s bribe of farm eggs and juice is worth it, though. Priorities?)

Pools in the area are not known for being the cleanest, nor workout friendly. I can’t afford a gym at the moment.

How do you stay motivated to work out when it is simply too hot?

No Sweets Recap – LHAS

Time slips away :)

From having friends over to two days at the Fancy Food Show, where did this weekend go?

To recap on my no artificial sweets week: I ended up losing about 4 pounds, and I was not hungry. I noticed that after I added in the artificial sweeteners, I was more hungry.

Since then, I have walked at least 2 miles each day. Im not sure how big the Fancy Food show was, but I was on my feet 2-4 hours each day. It was very low intensity, and I was eating small bites every 10 minutes or so, but my feet really hurt at the end of it! I had about 500 minutes of activity this week.

I also was far more careful and deliberate on what I did and did not eat last week. Instead of reaching for diet soda, I had to think if I was going to have a Snapple or plain water. At home, I drank southern sweet tea, the real kind, made from tea and simple syrup. Even with drinking the sugar sweetened stuff, I lost weight and was not hungry.

I haven’t decided if I want to continue it. Rather, I am not following it at the moment, but it would be something worthwhile to come back to at some point.

I had a headache 3 of the 5 days, so it either did not help with the headaches, or, more likely, I needed a longer period of time to flush them out of my system and for me to get a routine of getting enough liquids.

The Fancy Food Show was Amazing. I got to try a lot of different things. The best was a spanish cheese tasting. They laid out six different types of Manchego Cheese, and talked about the difference (pasteurized, raw, and how long aged.)

Maybe a cheese diet for a week would be fun :)

No Sweets Edition: LHAS

I did three days of city walking, and assorted smaller walks. 260 minutes of exercise. I need to start the Cardio Boxing thing again, but it is 90+ degrees in the apartment. At least outside I have a breeze.

I slightly cheated on the No Sugar day today (oops!) I went to the farmers market, and I tried a toothpick worth of three types of honey. I ended up buying a raw, unfiltered alfalfa honey from an Amish area in Pennsylvania.

I was looking forward to farm fresh eggs, but the vendor was not there today :( May have to go out on Saturday to get some.

So far, I have learned that a lot of food has artificial sweeteners. And, also, I eat a lot of processed foods. Is maltodextrin a sweetener? It is made from sugar and corn, but processed differently.

(I also decided that my issue with artificial sweeteners, if there was one, would be in the additional ones that go into sweetening my drink. I am also working on day 2 of a headache, so this week may not work out well.)

Drinks: Aqua Fresca

So far today, I have eaten a quesadilla (on plain flour tortillas, after I found the whole wheat ones had sucralose), sauteed garlic green beans, grilled chicken, coffee, and tea. I will probably have popcorn in a few.

I do not like plain water. If I can find a way to change it up a bit, I can drink more of it. And, since all soda is basically off limits this week, I was stuck.

I was searching for sugar syrup (checking my proportions, mostly), and came across aqua fresca.

This drink is a mixture of fruit, sugar, and water. Instead of adding fruit juice to water (all the fruit juice currently in my house has HFCS, and most fruit juice is “from concentrate” which has higher amounts of fructose in it), you add whole fruit that has been mashed or pureed. This gets added to water, and some sugar or sugar syrup.

Peach Aqua Fresca
3/4 cup frozen peaches
2-4 cups of water (depending on how strong and/or watery you want your drink)
1/4 cup simple syrup

(I made simple syrup by heating one cup of water with one cup of sugar. You can play with the proportions, but this is fairly standard.)

Thaw peaches, or heat in microwave until soft but still cold. Blend peaches with one cup of water. Blend about 1/4 of this puree with 1 cup of water, and a splash of simple syrup.

(I used the Magic Bullet Blender, but if you are using a full size blender, you can add the rest of the water all at once.)

Play with the proportions to get the taste/fruitiness/sugar level that you want.

30 Minutes In

After just 30 minutes of “no artificial sweeteners,” I realize that I eat a whole lot of “healthy” things that I have a very long ingredient list.

Things to keep in mind.