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Simply Apple is the best stuff on earth. Those commercials were convincing, and its good! It tastes like liquid applesauce.

We have a new kind of sausage to try a new kind of sausage soup. Chicken Basil Parmesean sausage, with some onion, browned in a pan, with half a can of italian seasoning tomatoes and homemade turkey broth. We shall see how it turns out.

My incisions are itching. Im also getting random pains between the incisions, I think my insides are moving around. :-)

I am getting tired easily. Walking around the stores made me tired. And I get cognatively difficult when tired. I had to hold my mom’s arm to walk out to the car, because I would forget that I was walking. I hopethat goes away tomorrow with the full liquids. Im also getting irritable.

I bought yogurt and soup for tomorrow. I found sticks of two ounces of yogurt, I think that will be a good size, rather than opening a full thing of yogurt. I also figured out that im craving bananas. :-)

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