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Cottage Cheese

I never ate cottage cheese before surgery. Well, I would eat it, say “This is good” and then not eat it again for years.

Ive eaten more cottage cheese since the surgery than I have in my entire life.

First, there is cottage cheese with ranch dressing mix. I dislike fat free ranch, but mixed with fat free cottage cheese, its actually really good. Texturally its off, but still yummy. So, ranch cottage cheese, mixed with bacon bits, cheese, and maybe a few croutons. Yum.

I also made sweet cottage cheese today. Cottage cheese, mixed with sweet n low and a teaspoon of sugar, with a dash of vanilla. Served with strawberries!

I get the 4oz cottage cheese, this kind was the 2% Live Active cheese.

In other news, I changed the blog. Please come on over to the Actual Blog and check it out! Let me know if anything is wonky or off.

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