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No Sweets Edition: LHAS

I did three days of city walking, and assorted smaller walks. 260 minutes of exercise. I need to start the Cardio Boxing thing again, but it is 90+ degrees in the apartment. At least outside I have a breeze.

I slightly cheated on the No Sugar day today (oops!) I went to the farmers market, and I tried a toothpick worth of three types of honey. I ended up buying a raw, unfiltered alfalfa honey from an Amish area in Pennsylvania.

I was looking forward to farm fresh eggs, but the vendor was not there today :( May have to go out on Saturday to get some.

So far, I have learned that a lot of food has artificial sweeteners. And, also, I eat a lot of processed foods. Is maltodextrin a sweetener? It is made from sugar and corn, but processed differently.

(I also decided that my issue with artificial sweeteners, if there was one, would be in the additional ones that go into sweetening my drink. I am also working on day 2 of a headache, so this week may not work out well.)

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  1. June 24, 2010 - 6:57 am | Permalink

    According to maltodextrin is a sweetner. Congrats on getting out and walking in the city. I have to imagine that’s much more interesting than staying in :)

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